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Top 5 signs to do an eye exam

Many people have lived with perfect vision all their life, and it can be hard to understand the importance of having your regular eye exam. The thing is that your eyes constantly change, and age as the rest of you body. For some people this goes faster than other, and you eye sight can slowly decrease without you having direct experience of it. Indirect, the affects are usually clearer. We can reduce indirect and direct affects by having regular eye exams to be aware of your needs. Your eyesight is a gift, do your regular eye exam and take care of it.

It’s two since you did your last eye exam

Reason 1: It’s two since you did your last eye examAny optician or eye doctor you speak to will recommend you to take an eye exam every two years. By using the free eye exam service here at Eye Exam Online you can see how critical it is, but if you’ve postponed the eye exam for up to two years, it’s time to book an appointment. The interval between your eye exams should go down as your age goes up, but the two years limit is a good benchmark.

When is the last time you had an eye exam?


Squinting when reading

Reason 2: Squinting when readingDo you have to squint to read the road sign’s? Do you find yourself squinting shopping for groceries? Things you have done many times before can all of a sudden become harder to read. You can feel old when you have to squint to read, but it can happen to everyone. Don’t feel old, check your eyes instead.

Headaches as a result of strained eyes

Reason 3: Headaches as a result of strained eyesSince your vision normally changes slowly over time, it’s hard to notice how your eyesight has been worsening, and your eyes are forced to unnecessary strain. This leads to constant headache. Constant headache might also be many other things and is something you should always take serious, and discuss with your doctor. Make therefore sure to make regular eye exams to exclude many other problems andmight cause you constant headaches.

Tired and dry eyes as a result of strained eyes

Reason 4: Tired and dry eyes as a result of strained eyesStrained eyes will not only cause headaches. Frequent eyestrain will make you eyes feel tired, they can hurt when you moved and could be a sign of deteriorating eye health. If you feel that you have tired eyes on more or less a daily basis Make sure to visit and optician get your eyes examined asap.

Can’t focus your eyesight due to blurry vision

Reason 5: Can’t focus your eyesight due to blurry visionIf you often have problem with focusing your eyes, and feel that your vision is blurry; you must book time with your optician quickly. Blurry vision is common though by everyone after a long day at the office, but one should not have difficulty focusing with blurry vision every day. If you feel that you have problem to focus and blurry vision too often. Have a free eye exam now..

Published: 2009-06-28 | Last updated: 2009-08-21