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Pinhole glasses

Question [04/05/2012]: How does pinhole glasses work?

Answer: We have had a number of posts about pinhole glasses... A pinhole columnates the light that passes through it so that any effect of refraction is minimised or elimiated. What this means is that if you hold a pinhole up to your eye without your eyeglasses some or most of the blur goes away. Pinhole glasses dont "treat" or "fix" eye conditions, they just mask any mis-focus...so if your vision improves when you look through a pinhole then is a fair bet that you should be wearing glasses or changing the ones you've got...and its time to book an appointment to see your optometrist.

Different glasses for different things

Question [25/09/2011 08:47:44] marouf from Bahrain: i had change my eye glasses befor one month at first days the new glassess were fine but these days i feel a little problem wearing it , specially using computer, the last glasses were 0.5 degree higher than this , i dont know what is the problem , i have my past glasses when i wear that and compare i thing both are almost the same so what is the problmem. please farword this question, thank you

Answer: Your optometrist can advise you and if you think that your eyeglasses dont work for certain tasks...you might need different glasses for different things. A good example are people who need reading glasses but also use a computer. the focal distance is very different for these two things so you might need different glasses. Why not use the eyetestnow chart at different distances and see if you get different results?

Pinhole camera effect

20 July 2011 - If you screw your eyes up to see better you are making a "pinhole camera" effect with your eye lids and eye lashes to improve your visual acuity...perhaps you need some eyeglasses?

Save NHS money

25 April 2011 - Cataract operations in the UK are now being limited to those with significant sight loss only, in a bid to save NHS money. Is this right?


8 April 2011 - Myopia is called short sight in the UK, or near sightedness in the US. Hyperopia is called long sight in the UK, or far sightedness in the US. Presbyopia is the name given when the ability to change focus from far to near gets harder, at about the age of 40 something. Astigmatism is a term given to descibe an eye with an irregular focus so that horizontal and vertical lines do not focus in the same way.

Long sight in young poeple

3 April 2011 - Long sight in young poeple is always tricky. Often teenagers or older children say that they "can see" so why should they wear eye glasses? The answer is simple. Although they can see without their eye glasses, they have to work their eye muscles so much harder to do so, and this can lead to eye strain, headaches, poor school perfromance and all that goes with it. So take an eye test, now.

Published: 2011-09-23 | Last updated: 2011-09-25